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November 4 , 2013 Newsletter

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Dear Friends - When I arrived back in Calgary in mid September from my arctic photography workshop I immediately started teaching web design at SAIT and just finished on October 29th. Unfortunately I did not have an opportunity to send out a September newsletter and because of this I am announcing both the September and October photo contest winners in this issue - please see below.

WELCOME NEW SUBSCRIBERS - Your Password to take the Free Photoshop I online course is rdc1 - and the password for the Photoshop II course is rdc2. You can download the notes, image files and follow the online videos - the tutorials cover Photoshop CS4 and all but one tutorial is applicable to CS5 and CS6 (the extract filter has been removed from CS5\CS6) . You can access the tutorials by clicking here: onlinetraining.html. Any questions let me know.


In October I posted 4 new articles on the web site, three by myself and one by Kyle Smith, Kyle shares some of his images and thoughts about Algonquin park in Ontario. Also my wife joined me this year on the trip to Yellowknife to watch the Aurora and was inspired to write two songs which we had recorded in a studio in Calgary - one song is about the Aurora called "Fire in the Sky Tonight" and a second one "Hangin with the Caribou" that we hope you will like. The lyrics and music are in mp3 format and are posted in my two articles below with caribou photos as thumbnails.


Our mild autumn weather ended a few days ago and Calgary is now covered in snow. I will be posting articles about winter photography shortly. Snowy owls have been sited in and around Calgary, they come south from the Arctic and spend their winter on the prairies south and east of Calgary.



What's Hot and New Click on the photos or links to read the latest photography articles

Bull caribou on the tundra by Robert Berdan ©

Photographing Caribou (Rangifir tarandus) by Robert and Donna Berdan. If you want to photograph caribou you have to go where they roam and even then its not so easy to find them. I photographed my first Caribou in Denali national park about 2 decades ago along side the road into the park. I also photographed Caribou in Jasper and on the tundra - read article and view images. Also listen to our new song "Hangin with the Caribou".

Algonquin Park waterfalls by Kyle Smith ©

Algonquin Park by Kyle Smith Algonquin Park is a place where one can escape the busy concrete world and find a peace that can only come from the beauty of nature. The park is world renowned for back country canoeing and camping. It protects 7,653 square kilometers of breathtaking, wild landscapes. All you need is a canoe, a map, your camera - read article and view pictures.

Caribou on the tundra by Robert Berdan ©

Arctic Adventure Workshop - Yellowknife and Point Lake 2013 by Dr. Robert Berdan. September 2013 I enjoyed leading my 4th workshop in the Arctic with Peterson's Point lake lodge. Early autumn is clearly the best time to visit for anyone interested in nature and aurora photography. I usually drive up to Yellowknife from Calgary, a two day journey of 1800 km ... read article and view pictures.

Aspens in Autumn Kananaskis by Robert Berdan ©

Tips for Taking Better Autumn Photographs by Dr. Robert Berdan What's so special about Autumn? From a photographer point of view one word - Color. In many parts of North America the leaves turn red and gold and there is something uplifting about this change in color. There are a few things you can do to improve your fall color photographs which I will share in this article. Read article and view photographs.


Listen to the New Songs by Donna Berdan

Hangin with the Caribou - mp3


Fire in the Sky Tonight - mp3



Other News:



My photo of the tent and aurora over Pontoon lake will be used for the cover of the 2014 North West Territories Magazine.




My photo of autumn at the Oxtongue River in Algonquin park has been chosen for the 2014 Audobon Calendar - World of Trees - A dozen magnificent trees photographed in their natural environments, plus detailed text delving into the featured species' characteristics, habitat, and more - for more information or to purchase the calendar click here.




If you are driving through Bragg Creek north west of Calgary stop in one of the shops and pick up a free copy of Bragg About the Creek magazine - Autumn issue or visit their web site:


The magazine features a regular photo contest for amateur photographers which includes a $700 prize pool. The quarterly magazine is looking for stunning photographs of nature, landscape and wildlife from in and around Kananaskis and Bragg Creek.


In this issue, I wrote one of the Photo articles called "Finding Beauty after the Flood" and also contributed photos to the article about "Bragg Creek Trail head Community" that describes the efforts to protect and extend the trail system in Kananaskis. I also took the cover photo showing aspens reflected in Wedge pond in Autumn.
Wedge Pond is one of the most popular spots to stop and photograph Fall colours and usually the best time is the 3rd week in Autumn, but this year it occurred about 2 weeks later.








I am currently scheduling several new workshops. I will be offering a Beginners Photography workshop the first week after Christmas for those purchasing a new DSLR camera. I am also planning a winter workshop in January and a Photoshop I workshop for January. To be posted on my site soon.


PRIVATE TRAINING I am available for private instruction on any aspect of photography or Photoshop on a one-on-one private basis $60\hr or 7 hours for $249. Folks wanting more in depth training can purchase 15 hours of training for $499. I also offer discounts for small groups. Photo destinations can include mountain parks, badlands, prairies etc.


Arctic Adventure Workshop 2014 runs from Sept. 3-10 from Yellowknife, NT., Next year we added an extra day on the tundra and we will also be taking a boat tour of Yellowknife Bay and visiting Aurora village. The total cost is $5379, not including transportation to Yellowknife. We are offering a discount of $300 for anyone booking before January 1, 2014. For more information or to register please CLICK HERE or on the banner below. I would be happy to answer any photography questions you might have about the upcoming workshop.









Autumn in Kananaskis, Wedge Pond by Stewart Van Dyke in Calgary.



October Photo of the month winner is by Mary Armstrong,
Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park



Winners get a copy of my Macrophotography e-book. If you have lots of winning photos please consider becoming a featured photographer on the web site and show off even more of your work.


If you would like to be a featured photographer on the web site please contact me with your ideas. I welcome your feed back.


I am starting to work on new articles for November and will post more 360 VR movies from of the Aurora and tundra. I will also be posting more upcoming workshops. If you are looking for a Christmas gift you might consider giving a Photography Gift Certificate which permits individuals to take any of my outdoor or indoor photoshop workshops - They are only $249 and available from the workshop section of my web site.


Best wishes until the December newsletter.

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