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Canadian Nature Photographer Newsletter 4 - December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone

Dear Friends and fellow nature photographers this is my 4th newsletter. In this issue I bring your attention to 3 new featured photographers that share their skills with you including photographs from the West Coast and the East Coast of Canada by Spencer Dove and Kamal Varma. Also Rob Mckay from Calgary shares some of his amazing images and techniques for capturing birds in- flight. There is also an article on Peter Dettling's new Book - called "The Will of the Land" with spectacular Grizzly and wolf photographs - be sure to see the videos as well. In addition I have included articles of my own on photo-micrography, capturing textures, patterns and abstracts and one on google analytics. I would like to remind you that everyone is welcome to submit a short article and photographs for the Featured photographer section. I can't pay for the articles but the ensuing links may bring you some more business, increased exposure and perhaps a little bit of fame. The Canadian nature photographer receives between 1600-2000 visitors visitors a month and is growing.

Here is What's New at the Canadian Nature Photographer

1. PHotographing Birds in Flight by Rob Mckay - Click on pictures or text on the left to view article

2. Long Exposure Seascapes by Spencer Dove
- Click on pictures or text on the left to view article

3. Grizzlies of Campbell River by Kamal Varma
- Click on pictures or text on the left to view article

4. New Book "The Will of the Land " by Peter A. Dettling a good friend and fellow Nature photographer published his New Book in October. This book has stunning photographs of wild wolves and grizzly bears interacting as well beautiful scenery from Banff and Jasper National Park. The beauty, however is tempered when you learn that all of the wolves were killed by cars or trains. Peter raises some important questions in his new book about the management of our National Parks .. if you love and care about nature this is one book you should have in your library.

5. Photomicrography. Taking Pictures through the microscope by Robert Berdan - this article also features a movie of microorganisms in pond water. Even if you don't own a microscope you will be surprised at the the unusual looking aliens that live in a drop of pond water.

6. Patterns, Textures and Abstracts can be found every where - see article by Robert Berdan to learn how to search for and take better photographs of patterns and textures both natural and artificial....

7. Google Analytics. If you have a web site one of the most powerful tools available is Google Analytics which provides the web owner with detailed information about who visits the site, how long they stay, where they jump ship and even where they click on the web page. Google analytics is free, it involves signing up and putting some code into your web page. After that you simply check the statistics on who is coming. For more information see the Article by R. Berdan on "Who is Visiting the Canadian Nature Photographer".

I will be starting the new year with a winter workshop on January 6,8 and 12 and there are still spots available. If there is a topic on nature photography you would like to see covered on the web site please let me know.

Comming up in the Next Newsletter

In the next newsletter I am planning to feature articles and images from two artists, Ann Timmins from the North West Territories and Dan Hatfield from Michigan. I believe photographers can learn a great deal from painters and many painters also use photographs as visual aids. In addition I will be including an article on photographing wolves at the Northern Lights Wolf Centre in Golden, BC where you can literally go for a walk with wild wolves in a wilderness setting.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New year
Robert Berdan
Calgary, AB
Please Visit me at: www.canadiannaturephotographer.com