Canadian Nature Photographer Feb 4, 2014 Newsletter

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Dear Friends and fellow photographers: In the last few weeks I posted five new articles that if you haven't been back for a while I invite you to visit and read. They include a variety of topics from established Canadian photographer Chris Harris to Newcomer Kaylene Newsom (see below). Chris Harris has published 12 books and shares his story on how he got into the business. Dr. Dale Mierau shares another story of eagles he has been studying and Kaylene shares her photographs of Caribou in Denali National Park. Peter Dettling talks about the recent incident in Banff National Park where photographers were accused of throwing out a turkey to attract wolves - also see his radio and TV interviews. The Bow Valley Parkway is a popular destination near Banff for viewing wildlife such as elk , bears and occasionally wolves. This year by chance during my winter photography workshop two wolves were spotted and one crossed the road in front of us. I was able to get a few photos before she ran off into the bush. Also I share a story about my trip east of Calgary with Dr. Wayne Lynch in order to photograph Pronghorn antelope, mule deer and pheasants in Dinosaur Provincial Park.



This is the female called “Faith” I photographed her near the Muleshoe area of Bow Valley Parkway with a 300 mm lens. She has a radio colar and is the alpha female of the Bow Valley pack. Seeing wolves along the road is a rare occurrence. We saw her and another black wolf at about 10:00 am on Saturday, Jan 18th during my winter photography workshop.



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Photography, Passion, and Publishing by Chris Harris At birth, my mother gave me a spirit for adventure, and at age 20, my father gave me a 35mm Lordette camera. Since then my passion for travel, outdoor adventure, and photography has put me on an amazing journey which continues to this day. I'd like to share that story. Read article and view pictures.

Winter Wildlife Near Calgary 2014 by Dr. Robert Berdan. In spite of Calgary's rapid growth it still amazes me how much wildlife lives within and near the city. In winter wildlife might be easier to spot, but it also harder to find or at least it seems that way. It doesn't seem to matter whether its a cold overcast day or a blue sky day - read article and view pictures.

Bald eagle landing by Dr. Dale Mierau ©

Some Adaptive Physical Characteristics of the Bald Eagle by Dr. Dale Mierau. The bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) is easily identified from afar by the flight pattern, the size and the plumage. Bald eagles soar with a horizontal wing configuration to take advantage of updrafts and wind. Short, powerful wing beats are used sparingly because such activity uses a lot of energy in a bird this size - read article and view pictures.

Wolf by Peter Dettling ©

Of Wolves & Turkeys by Peter Dettling It was Sunday night, probably around 6:30 pm, when my girlfriend and I were on our way home from a New Year’s trip to Jasper. On our whole trip we were fortunate enough to see a total of 12 wolves from 3 different families. On our way back, last Sunday night, we encountered our 12th wolf on the Bow Valley Parkway - read more.

Caribou by Kaylene Newsom

Barren-ground Caribou by Kaylene Newsom The one animal that continues to captured my heart and soul is the Barren Ground Caribou. Their perseverance climbing mountain range after mountain range will either kill you or inspire you. While trying to  hike along with these beauties you’ll be challenged at every step. There will come times when you think the work is not worth it - read more.



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Photoshop I and II February 8,9 and 22, 23 - I am teaching Photoshop I and II for photographers courses at Red Deer College. The classes go from 9-4 pm, if interested please contact Red Deer College.


Photoshop I Workshop in my Studio in Calgary, Saturday, March 1 from 9 am - 4 pm. Limited to 5 people. We cover Photoshop CS6. The session includes lunch, a DVD with tutorial files, Printed 64 page manual of Photoshop recipes, and the DVD also contains step by step videos of each tutorial. Cost is $249 - to register see my workshop page.


Private Training. I am available for private training by the hour $60\hr or 7 hour session for $249 + GST . If you purchased a gift certificate contact me to set up a private session or you can use it toward any workshop I am offering.


Macrophotography & Wildflower Photography workshop evenings of June 4 and 11 (7:30-9:30 pm) and full day in the field Saturday, June 7. We will be travelling to Bow Valley Provincial park, Banff National Park and Yoho National Park during the day long photo session in order to photograph a wide variety of Spring wildflowers. Cost $249 + GST .


Arctic Adventure Photography Workshop Sept 3-10, 2014 in Yellowknife, NT. Cost $5, 379.00 - max of 10. This will be my 5th trip. Cost includes accommodation in Yellowknife, food and accommodation at a remote lodge on the tundra. We will photograph the Aurora borealis, multicoloured tundra and caribou. We may also encounter wolves, bears and a variety of birds. To see pictures from previous workshops visit my site and search for Arctic Adventure.

To register for this workshop please contact Margaret Peterson at : or call 867-920-4654 also visit the Peterson's Point lake lodge web site for more pictures and information.


In July I will be teaching Photoshop, Wildlife and Sports photography as Part of SAIT's Photography certificate of Achievement between July 7 and August 8. The program cost is $2400. For more information visit their web site:





I am currently working on a series of Photography Quick Guides which I hoped to have ready for this newsletter, but I am still proofing and polishing them up for release this month. The Guides are specifically designed to fit smart phones. The topics I will be launching in February are:


1. A Quick Guide to the Best Places to Photograph in Banff National Park

2. A Quick Guide to the Best Places to Photograph in Kananaskis

3. A Quick Guide to Using your DSLR Camera

4. A Quick Guide to Composition and the Elements of Visual Design


They will appear in a similar format to the Quick Guide to Photographing the Aurora borealis, but will be longer from 10-20 pages packed with photos, maps and essential information you can quickly access on your smart phone.






January 2014 Photo Contest winner is Michael Porter with his image of a Cormorant

If you get some great photographs this winter please consider contributing an article to the featured photographer section of the web site or enter the monthly photo contest and have your picture featured on the front page and win my Macrophotography e-book.



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