Canadian Nature Photographer March 3, 2014 Newsletter

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WELCOME NEW SUBSCRIBERS - the Password to take the Free Photoshop I online course is rdc1 - and Photoshop II course is rdc2. You can access the Photoshop tutorials by clicking here: onlinetraining.html. Any questions please let me know.


Dear friends and fellow photographers: In February I posted several new Quick Guide ebooks on photography and I also switched to the new Adobe Cloud Creative Suite software. I will post an article in March on the new tools that have been added to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.


Adobe no longer sells their software on DVDs, you must now become a member and pay a monthly fee to subscribe. You can download the software onto two computers even if one is a Mac and the other a PC. You don't have to be connected to the Internet to use the software, but you do have to connect to the Net periodically in order to keep your subscription active. The good news is Adobe is currently offering a special for photographers who only want to purchase Photoshop and Lightroom via the cloud for $9.99/month - for more info CLICK HERE.


Adobe doesn't tell you before you sign up that you must have the latest operating system i.e. Windows 7 or 8 or Mac OS X in order to download their cloud software. If you are using Vista or an older operating system you will have to upgrade first. It also means that we will have to pay Adobe for as long as we use their software, but new software updates are included in the price. The full software suite costs $49\month - let's hope the software price goes down rather than up.





Jill Cooper and Simon Jackson submitted a new article with beautiful wildlife photos and discuss some of ethical issues of wildlife photography that are worth reading - see below.


What's Hot and New Click on the photos or links to read the latest photography articles

The Fine Line of Wildlife Photography by Jill Cooper & Simon Jackson. For years, we have enjoyed months of wildlife photography, but have enjoyed it in a safe and responsible manner. We’ve studied bear behaviour and Simon has been trained by world renowned bear biologists and bear guides. Read their story and view photographs.

Banff Bow Valley Parkway is now Closed at Night

Banff National Park announced that the Bow Valley parkway will be closed between 8:00 pm and 8:00 am starting March 1, until June 25th, 2014 in an attempt to protect wildlife, in particular the Bow Valley wolf pack. Businesses along the Bow valley can be accessed via Castle Junction exit to the Trans-Canada Highway.


Upcoming workshops

Macrophotography & Wildflower Photography workshop includes evenings of June 4 and 11 (7:30-9:30 pm) and full day in the field Saturday, June 7. We will be travelling to Bow Valley Provincial park, Banff National Park and Yoho National Park during the day long photo session in order to photograph a wide variety of Spring wildflowers and mushrooms.

Workshop Cost $249 + GST limited to 12. (If you have gift certificate, please be sure to register early).


Calypso orchids are common in early June . We will also photograph Lady's slippers and many other wild flowers. Also this year we will also be looking for mushrooms to photograph.


Arctic Adventure Photography Workshop Sept 3-10, 2014 in Yellowknife, NT. Cost $5, 379.00 - limited to 10.

This will be my 6th trip to Yellowknife in order to photograph the Aurora borealis and wildlife. The solar cycle is still near aurora max, the time when the aurora tends to be most active during its eleven year sunspot cycle. We have also added an extra day on the tour to spend on the tundra and we will be visiting Aurora village as part of the tour (see below).


Cost includes accommodation in Yellowknife, flight,n from Yellowknife to a remote lodge on the tundra. We will photograph the Aurora borealis, multicoloured tundra and caribou. We may also encounter wolves, grizzly bears and a variety of birds. To see pictures from the 2013 adventure please click here.



Click here to watch live video of the Aurora Borealis by Kwon Chul from Japan - this video was taken at Aurora village in January, 2014 - the video is not time-lapse but real time photographed with Nikon D4, 24 mm f.1.4 lens at ISO 6400.

To register for this workshop please contact Margaret Peterson at : or call 867-920-4654. Also see the Peterson's Point lake lodge web site for more pictures and information.




Yellowknife has been declared the Aurora capital of the world because it offers unparallelled viewing chances, unsurpassed aurora viewing infrastructure, is perfectly positioned under the Aurora oval, offers unobstructed views, has semi-arid subarctic climate (clear skies) and some of the best dark skies in the world. For more information and to download a visitor guide visit Spectacular Northwest Territories web site HERE.


To download or order a free NWT guide Click Here.


The cover of the Northwest Territories tourism magazine features my photograph of my tent and aurora at Pontoon Lake outside Yellowknife that I took in 2012 during one of our Arctic Photography workshops. I have been informed this picture will also appear as a billboard at the Yellowknife airport sometime this year - if you get up that way this year please keep an eye out the Billboard and of course the real aurora.


Summer Photography Certificate at SAIT

In July I will be teaching Photoshop, Wildlife and Sports photography as Part of SAIT's Photography certificate of Achievement between July 7 and August 8. The program cost is $2400. For more information please visit their web site:


Photography Quick Guides

In February I completed a series of new Photography Quick guides - e books that are specifically formated to fit smart phones such as the Samsung Galaxy and Iphone. The files are PDF and can also be read on tablets and desktop computers. The guides vary from 12-22 pages and are designed to be read in about 10-15 minutes. They can be carried with you on your phone as a quick reference. The guides to Banff and Kananaskis include detailed maps showing the best places to capture beautiful landscapes and wildlife photographs.

The quick guides are only $2.99 and you can download them instantly

Quick Guide topics include: A Quick Guide to Photographing the Northern Lights, QG to the Best Places to Photograph in Banff National Park , QG to Best Places to Photograph in Kananaskis, QG to How to Use your DSLR and finally - A QG to Composition & the Elements of Visual Design. For more information on these photography Quick Guides please Click HERE. If you do buy one I would be grateful for your feed back.


Samsung Galaxy S3

How to Photograph the Aurora
Quick Guide

Apple Iphone

How to Photograph the Aurora
Quick Guide

Nexus Tablet

How to Photograph the Aurora
Quick Guide





Bison Photo used for a New Canadian $20 Coin which cost $100 with a fancy box


This $20 Silver coin is available at: - It's a $20 Coin and sells for $100 - what's with that? I took this photo along the highway to Yellowknife.

This Canadian coin was designed by Doug Comeau based on Robert's photo and the image portrays the front-facing portrait of a wood bison. The bison's distinctive shoulder hump stands in contrast to the darker-coloured mane and the curved horns. The bison is standing still, its calm gaze fixed upon the intrusion in its otherwise natural environment. The coin also features edge lettering with the words "1 OZ FINE SILVER 1 OZ ARGENT PUR" engraved in a repeating pattern around the coin's edge. Available at Canada Post and Canada Mint web site.



Photo Contest winner is by Dr. Dale Mierau - be sure to see Dr. Mierau's articles on Bald Eagles also on the web site.

If you get some great photographs this March please consider contributing an article to the featured photographer section of the web site or enter the monthly photo contest and have your picture featured on the front page and win my Macrophotography e-book or any of the Quick Guide series. You will also be entered to win a $249 Gift certificate at the end of the year.



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