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In June, I posted 7 new articles by a number of photographers on a wide variety of topics from swallows to cougars, Point Peele, birds and Peggy's Cove. I just came back from a 10 day photo-trip to the East Coast and will be posting more articles on New Bruinswick, PEI and Nova Scortia over the next few weeks. Please click on the photos below or links to view these new articles or visit the canadiannature phographer web site. If you are looking for a particular topic use the google search tool at the top of the home page - there are several hundred articles available on all aspects of photography. I hope to include an article on drone photography in the near future by a photographer from Halifax.


If you have some great photos you might like to share I invite you to become featured photographer or send your image for the montly photo-contest.





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Peggy's Cove Lighthouse by Robert Berdan ©

The East Coast of Canada - Part I Peggy's Cove

by Dr. Robert Berdan My visit to Newfoundland last summer prompted me to take another visit to the east coast this time to visit and photograph New Bruinswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. I would like to start the series of photo-essays with Peggy’s Cove as this location was closesest to how I imagined the East Coast would look - view article.

Loons by Monte Comeau

Photographing Loons by Monte Comeau. I have the good fortune of living in an area where I can drive to one of the premiere Loon breeding areas known to photographers. Lac Le Jeune, BC is a tiny spot on the map that attracts professional photographers and commercial photography workshops from all over the world - read article and view pictures.

American Robin by David Lilly ©

The What, When and Where of photographing Birds by David Lilly After years of mastering the digital camera and feeling confident in your technique, you have decided to specialize in bird photography. So, you ask yourself, Where do I start? What equipment will I need? Where do I photograph birds? View pictures and article.

Point Pelee by Stephen J. Stephen ©

Spring in Point Pelee and Other Southern Ontario Locales by Stephen J. Stephen. Each year the spring bird migration is long anticipated by Canadian bird lovers and bird photographers alike.  This year particularly so after what seemed a very long winter.  In May, I joined a birding friend of mine, and spent 12 days in and around Point Pelee National Park - read article and view pictures.

Wildlife photography: When you're hooked by Christian Gavin. Canada certainly provides many great opportunities for wildlife/macro photography.  For most Canadians, it is only a matter of grabbing their gear, getting into the car and, maybe 90 minutes later, taking amazing photos, of amazing creatures. View pictures and read article.

And the cougar jumped over the cliff by D. Simon Jackson This is the story of the greatest wildlife sighting of my life. Jasper National Park is one of the best, most accessible wilderness areas in Canada. I first visited the park with my family when I was seven and have returned almost every year since. And the summer of 2011 was no different - read article and view pictures.

Tree Swallows by Brad James ©

Tree Swallow by Brad James About 4 years ago I met Brendan Kelly (a 17 year old conservationist and growing photographer) who brought me to a small pond not far from his house where he had setup a number of nest boxes for Tree Swallows to use upon their arrival in spring. It was the first time I had seen a Tree Swallow and I was amazed at their flying ability - read article and view pictures.



June Photo Contest Winner



Winner of Photo of the Month for June is a picture of a Red Winged Blackbird Chasing
a Great Gray Owl by Dr. Sharif Galal from Calgary


Arctic Adventure Photography Workshop Sept 3-10, 2014 in Yellowknife, NT. Cost $5, 379.00 - limited to 10. There is still room in this workshop.

Cost includes accommodation in Yellowknife, flight,n from Yellowknife to a remote lodge on the tundra. We will photograph the Aurora borealis, multicoloured tundra and migrating caribou. We may encounter wolves, grizzly bears and a variety of birds. To see pictures from the 2013 adventure please click here.

To register for this workshop please contact Margaret Peterson at : or call 867-920-4654. Also see the Peterson's Point lake lodge web site for more pictures and information.






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