Canadian Nature Photographer July 31, 2014 Newsletter

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Dear friends and fellow photographers:


I just finished teaching in SAIT's Photography certificate program and had an opportunity to take students to photograph speed skaters at the Olympic Oval and on a trip to Kananaskis. I am currently preparing for my annual pilgrimage to the Arctic on August 27th. I normally send the participants of this workshop an email with suggestions on what to bring to get the best photos. Tthis year I decided to write a short article that would be applicable to anyone planning on visiting Canada's north. Yellowknife has been declared the best place in the world to photograph the aurora borealis.


This month, I also received an article on Great Grey Owls by Dr. Sharif Galal from the University of Calgary who was also last months photo-contest winner. This month's photo contest winner is a photo of a Calla Lilly by Judy Gerlitz - see below.



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Great Grey owl chased by Red-winged blackbird by Sharif Galal.

The Great Grey Owl (Strix nebulosaby Dr. Sharif Galal The Great Grey Owl is one of the largest and tallest owls in the world it is the second largest after the Eurasian eagle owl (Bubo bubo), and it is Manitoba's provincial bird.  Because of its feathers, it appears huge and bulky but it has relatively long wings, tail and large head - read article and view pictures.

Hangin with the Caribou a new book and music CD by Robert and Donna Berdan ©

"Hangin with the Caribou" by Robert and Donna Berdan. This is my first photography book that I hope will serve as a prototype for what I plan to do in the future but I will include more about the science of the aurora borelais and barren lands caribou. This photo-book is complimented by a new music CD by my wife Donna Berdan - View book and listen to sample tracks from the CD.

Photographers on the tundra take aim at barren lands caribou by Robert Berdan ©

What to bring to an Arctic Photo Adventure in Yellowknife and onto the Barrens at Peterson's Point Lake Lodge by Dr. Robert Berdan For the past 5 years I have been conducting an Arctic Adventure Tour in Yellowknife and 350 km further north on the tundra in partnership with Peterson's Point lake lodge. In this article I provide advice on what to bring to get the best pictures - read article.


Photo of the month Contest Winder is a Calla Lilly by Judy Gerlitz

Monthly Photo contest winners can select one of my Quick Guides, or macrophotography e-book, or my new
"Hangin with the Caribou" e-book. If you have a stunning photo consider entering it for August or September monthly
photo contest - it will be featured on the front page of the web site.


Other News

I just posted information about a new book I produced using Blurb called Hangin with the Caribou. The book features some of my favourite photos from my journeys to Yellowknife and the tundra at Peterson's Point Lake Lodge. This trip is offered each autumn between Sept 3-10. For more information about this workshop please click here.



Cover and inside flaps. You can view more information and see a full preview of this book on my web site and on blurb. The book is available at blurb for between $37-$60 depending on the type of paper and binding you choose. There is no markup, I am selling it at cost. However, I am also selling an e-book version on my site for only $4.95.


About mid august, I will also be featuring a Musical CD by my wife Donna Berdan, called Hangin with the Caribou and it includes 11 songs inspired by nature and trips to the arctic. The CD will be available on my site for $19.95. You can listen to several tracks on my site. I will also have a multimedia DVD available for the same price that includes music and NTSC slide show produced by my father using my images and my wifes music.



Above - music CD - available sometime in August 2014



HD DVD NTSC Multimedia Video including music and slides from the Arctic - $19.95 available later in August.





PRISM international is a quarterly magazine out of Vancouver, British Columbia, whose mandate is to publish the best in contemporary writing and translation from Canada and around the world. This month they featured one of my Aurora photos on the cover: view web site here.


A new e-magazine "Absolutely the best of Southern Georgian Bay" also featured some of my earliest photography from the 1970's to date from Georgian Bay.



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I am always looking to feature new photographers and their photos - if you would like to share please let me know.


I was considering purchasing a Quadcopter by DJI to take pictures from the air but after reading about the regulations and the requirements to obtain a license before you can fly them I have decided to put off purchasing one for the time being. However, if anyone would like to share their photos and experience with aerial photography using a quadcopter I welcome your article and photos.


Please note the August newsletter will be emailed about August 25th just before I head up to Yellowknife. Enjoy the summer and hope you capture many beautiful photos.


Robert Berdan

Calgary, AB
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