Canadian Nature Photographer August 26, 2014 Newsletter

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Dear friends and fellow photographers:


By the time your open this email I will be about halfway to Yellowknife on my yearly pilgrimage to photograph the Aurora Borealis and Caribou at Peterson's Point Lake Lodge on the tundra. The workshop is full this year, but we are taking reserve rations for next year. I will post an article about the trip shortly after I am back in September.


August has been a very busy month and 6 new articles were posted. I finally had a chance to share some of my favourite images from the East Coast of Canada. There is an article about Mud Lake by Rudy Pohl who shows you don't have to go far from home to take great pictures. Also Tammy McGarry from Quebec shares some of her beautiful photos of a Leucistic fawn. David Lilly submitted two articles on Birds - Dave is currently photographing the East Coast of Canada.



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Boats being repaired Nova Scotia by Robert Berdan ©

East Coast of Canada - New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia 10 Day Photo-expedition - Part III by Dr. Robert Berdan After travelling by Ferry from PEI back to Nova Scotia, we stayed overnight in Antigonish a small university town. The next morning we drove highway 104 to Miners Memorial highway where we crossed over to Cape Breton Island. View pictures and read article.

Lobster fisherman PEI by Robert Berdan ©

East Coast of Canada - New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia 10 Day Photo-expedition - Part II by Dr. Robert Berdan Ten days on a photo trip isn't a lot of time when you want to cover a large area, but it should be enough to bring home a few good pictures. Between June 16 and June 27th I travelled to the East coast with friend and fellow photographer Kamal Varma. View pictures and read article.

Belted King Fisher, Mud Lake, Ottawa by Rudy Pohl ©

Wildlife Photography in Ottawa - Mud Lake Magic

by Rudy Pohl   I have been an enthusiastic amateur photographer since 1970 and I've been an avid nature lover since before then.  Yet, only since 2012 have I married these two loves into one pursuit resulting in my new-found passion of wildlife and nature photography. View pictures and read article.

White-tailed leucistic deer by Tammy McGarry ©

White-tailed Deer - Leucism by Tammy McGarry
A little farming village in Poltimore, Qc (1 hr north of Canada’s capital city Ottawa) has a rare new resident. A “white”, white tail fawn. The fact that this little fawn has a little colour with some brown patches and dark eyes means that it is definitely not an albino - view pictures and read article.

Reflecting on Birds by David Lilly
Bird photographers are always searching for creative ideas on how to photograph their subject. One sure way to get a little creative and add impact is to photograph the bird being reflected in the water. Of course this only applies to shorebirds, ducks etc. Read article and view pictures.

Magpie by David Lilly ©

Scavenger Birds by David Lilly Here in Alberta we have three birds that everyone loves to hate. They are frowned upon and often shot for being a scavenger and a nuisance. The three birds are Ravens, Crows and Magpies. All three birds are often seen on road kills, scavenging of off some dead animal - read article and view pictures.



Other News

One of my photos of a neuron grown in culture was featured on National Geographic web site.




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I am heading North with long time friend and fellow professional wildlife photographer, Hälle Flygare and we hope to bring back some real "photo gems" this year.


I hope you are enjoying the summer, we have the autumn colours to look forward to in a few weeks. I will be spending most of my autumn teaching Web Design at SAIT, but hope to get out and take some photographs in Kananaskis on weekends. If you get a great shot this summer please consider submitting if for the monthly photo contest or if you get lots of great shots I hope you will consider becoming a featured photographer and submit an article with some of your best photos.



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