Canadian Nature Photographer October 7, 2014 Newsletter

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Dear friends and fellow photographers: It's been an exciting September photographing the aurora and caribou in the Northwest Territories. This year we experienced several inches of snowfall which made for some interesting images. Calgary also received a record snowfall that left many of the trees damaged.


There are three new articles posted 1) Bird Photography in the Winter by David Lilly 2) Photographing the Aurora Borealis and Barren Lands Caribou 2014 by myself and 3) Rocky Mountain Marmots by Dr. Sharif Galal.


A fourth article "Hangin with the Caribou" is featured again because I just posted the shopping carts for our new "Hangin with the Caribou" music CD ($19.95) and a Multimedia DVD ($24.95). Furthermore, Blurb is offering a 20% discount on my printed book until December 15, 2014. To receive the discount enter the Promo Code on the takeout cart SAAMO in all caps. My book costs $25.99 for soft cover and $37.99 for hardcover, shipping is extra. For more information CLICK HERE - there is no markup on the book I am selling it at cost. I am also selling an e-book version (PDF) on the site for only $4.95.



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Blue jay by David Lilly ©

Bird Photography in the Winter by David Lilly Many bird photographers are challenged to find birds to photograph in the winter. However, there are many birds to photograph in winter in all parts of Canada. For example, there are an average of 150 birds in every province in Canada in the winter, except Newfoundland. View pictures and read article.

Aurora borealis over Pontoon Lake, Northwest Territories by Robert Berdan ©

Photographing the Aurora Borealis and Barren Lands Caribou Arctic Adventure Photography Workshop 2014 by Dr. Robert Berdan August 27, 2014, I left Calgary at 6 am to drive to Yellowknife with my friend and fellow pro-wildlife photographer Hälle Flygare from Canmore. It's 1800 km from Calgary to Yellowknife and it's a two day drive. View photographs and read article.

Marmot by Dr. Sharif Galal ©

Rocky Mountain Marmot by Dr. Sharif Galal

Marmots are rodents that belong to the same family of both ground squirrels and prairie dogs. There are currently 14 recognized species of marmot, each species have broad similarities. In Alberta, the most commonly found species are the Yellow-bellied and Hoary Marmots. View pictures and read article.

Hangin with the Caribou a new book and music CD by Robert and Donna Berdan ©

"Hangin with the Caribou" by Robert and Donna Berdan. This is my first photography book that I hope will serve as a prototype for what I plan to do in the future but I will include more about the science of the aurora Borealis and barren lands caribou. This photo-book is complimented by a new music CD by my wife Donna Berdan - View book and listen to sample tracks from the CD.


Other News

The Arctic Adventure Workshop for next Autumn 2015 will be held a week earlier from August 27 to September 3 - For information or to join us contact: The workshop is limited to 10 and offers opportunities to capture tundra landscapes, migrating caribou and the aurora Borealis.




Caribou on the tundra after fresh snow fall near Peterson's Point Lake Lodge 350 km north of Yellowknife. Northwest Territories.




There was some interest in my photo of a bison I photographed north of Fort Providence on my yearly drive to Yellowknife because the photo was used to create artwork for a new $20 Silver Coin (sold for $105 to collectors). 7000 coins were minted and the bison coins sold out in a couple of weeks. My father was able to hunt down a single copy for me.


Read the entire story here online:


Also a follow up article in Coin World:

Recent Awards


My photo of the Aurora Borealis over Prelude Lake near Yellowknife won best tripod-mounted unguided photo 2013 and is featured in the September\October 2014 issue of SkyNews - The Canadian Magazine of Astronomy & Stargazing. The photo was taken on August 30, 2013 using a Nikon D800 camera with 14-24 mm mm lens at f/2.8 for 15s, ISO 800.



Canadian composer Mark Sirett used some of my photographs of Northern Ontario to accompany his new composition shown on YouTube and performed by Cantores Celestes Women's Choir - Kelly Galbraith Director. Click on the picture below or the hyper-link below the picture to see slide show and listen to the music on YouTube.


Click here to view the Youtube Video

Call for new Featured Photographers


If you take some great autumn colors photos please consider sharing them and submit an article for the featured photography section - its a great way to get some exposure. In September there were over 20,000 visitors to the Canadian Nature Photography web site.


New Canadian Nature Photographer Web site in the planning Stages


I am planning on a complete redesign and development of the Canadian Nature Photography web site to make it easier to read (white background), and make it more friendly for tablets and mobile devices (responsive web site) which will incorporate some of the most advanced web technologies such as parallax scrolling, page flips, virtial reality, video training, online courses, 3D, Blog, social media, HTML 5, JQuery, Mobile apps, more video and time lapse content etc. I plan to make the images larger so they fit any screen size and also make it easier to find specific articles and images. I also plan to expand the learning section with more online courses and e-books. The web site will continue to focus on showing inspirational photos, biology and science behind the pictures and also revealing great spots to take nature and wildlife photos. I might expand tips on equipment though I won't be doing in depth equipment reviews because there are already many sites doing this. I want to focus more on composition and the art of photography. I will also work harder to avoid annoying typos and stupid grammatical errors which often are the result of trying to get new content up quickly with a limited period of time. I will continue to encourage participation and articles from both new and established nature photographers. You are invited to be part of this new development.


If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in the new web site please send me an email and I will consider your suggestions. If it can be done - I will try to find a way to deliver it. My goal is to make the Canadian Nature Photographer a premier web site that will share ideas, inspire and promote nature photography and conservation of the natural world.


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