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Canadian Nature Photographer April 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Fellow Nature Photographers:

In April we had some of the worst winter weather ever in Alberta. On one morning I drove to Red Deer and the snow plows were in the ditch. On Thursday April 19th the first flowers, prairie crocus, appeared on the hillsides around the Bow river almost 4 weeks later then normal. One annual sight that is always exciting is the migration of Tundra swans, Trumpeter swans and other waterfowl on their way to the Arctic. On Saturday April 21 a friend and I witnessed dozens of flocks flying about 50-100 feet in the air. It was also interesting to see the Tundra swan flocks were mixed with other birds such as pintails. For more information about photographing Birds see my article below.

Tundra Swans on Ghost Lake taking off by Robert Berdan ©

Tundra Swans taking flight from the Bow Resevoir (Ghost Lake) West of Calgary.

Additional articles posted this month include one by David Lilly who provides some beautiful images of Pheasants from Fish Creek Park in Calgary. Jon Huyer submitted his third article on photographing wildlife, this time from his trip to the Galapagos Islands. From Lunenburg Ontario, Calvin Hanson shares his views and award winning wildlife photographs. The last two articles I included: Fog photography and Hoar frost photography were inspired by our April weather. Photographing in fog is the surest way to add a sense of mood to your images and hoar frost is a rare delight when you mix fog and cold air.

What's Hot and New Click on the photos or links to read the latest photography articles

Common Snipe Robert Berdan ©  

Photographing Shore Birds, Waterfowl and Other Wetland Birds by Robert Berdan. I have always been fascinated by life around marshes, ponds, sloughs, creeks and lakes. In the water there is a complex assortment of insects, algae, amphibians and fish that live there. Ponds and marshes are a great place to photograph birds... read more.

Pheasant photography by David Lilly ©  

Anyone for Pheasant Photography? David Lilly shares some beautiful photos of Ring necked pheasants he photographed in and around Calgary. Pheasants were introduced to Canada in 1908 from Eurasia. In Alberta the population is supported by breeding and releasing to support pheasant hunting. Read tips on how to find and take photographs of pheasants.

Photo expedition to the Galapagos Islands by Jon Huyer  

Photography in the Galapagos Islands by Jon Huyer. The Galapagos Islands have long held a status as a dream destination for photographers, and I recently had the good fortune of being able to verify that fact for myself. Read more about Jon's photo expedition to the Galapagos Islands.

Mute Swan by Cavin Hanson ©  

The Challenge and Enjoyment of Nature’s Beauty by Calvin Hanson. There is just something invigorating about the challenge and enjoyment of photographing nature’s beauty.  Subjects that are very expressive and tell a story attract my attention like animals, horses, birds, flowers, landscapes, and scenes. See Calvin's article and photos.

Fog and ship by Robert Berdan  

How to Photograph in the Fog by Robert Berdan. There is no easier way to add mood to your photographs then by shooting in the fog. Photographing fog requires a few minor adjustments to get good results and if you would like to learn more read the article here.

Robin feeding on Saskatoon berries covered in hoar frost by Robert Berdan ©  

Hoar Frost Photography by Robert Berdan. Officially it's Spring time, but you wouldn't know it in Calgary. One of the things that can happen during Spring is warm moist air cools down at night forming fog and if gets colder the water forms beautiful hoar frost crystals on trees, plants, fences and ground. Learn more about hoar frost photography.

April Photo contest winner is:

Ruby-throated Hummingbird by Ian Sturart Forsyth ©

Ruby-throated Hummingbird. The Hummingbird was photographed just below the Hixion Creek waterfalls BC Canada by Ian Stuart Forsyth Website: ianstuartforsythphotography.com
E-mail: ian@ianstuartforsythphotography.com

Other News:

I have added two new photo galleries if interested in viewing the photographs please click on the links:

  1. Bird Photography: http://www.canadiannaturephotographer.com/galleries11.html
  2. Prairies and Foothills: http://www.canadiannaturephotographer.com/galleries12.html:

Upcoming Photography Workshops include:

  1. Photoshop I - Saturday, May 28 from 9-4 pm, $249 includes lunch, printed notes and DVD with files and movies

  2. Waterfall Workshop in Revelstoke - two days, Saturday and Sunday, June 4-5, $349, accommodation and food extra.

  3. Spring Wildflower and Macrophotography Workshop, includes two evenings, June 9, 16 7-10 pm and Saturday, June 11, from 6 am to about 6 pm in the Mountain Parks. Cost is $249 - space is limited so please book early.

  4. Arctic Adventure workshop - Sept 5-11, Cost $4795 - includes opportunity to photograph Barren lands caribou,
    the tundra in Autumn and the Aurora borealis which is nearing it's 11 year solar max.

For more information about upcoming photography workshops click here.

If you have friends that are interested in nature photography and Photoshop I appreciate if you let them know about the web site. Also don't forget if you have a spectacular image you would like to share please enter our monthly photo contest. If there is an article on a particular nature or photography subject you would like to see let me know and I will see what I can do. If you would like to be a featured artist or photographer see requirements and submission guidelines.

Until next month

Robert Berdan
Calgary, AB
403 247-2457

Please Visit me at: www.canadiannaturephotographer.com

Visitor update: 3,573 new visitors came to the web site in April, up 5% over the previous month.