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Canadian Nature Photographer Feb 1, 2012 Newsletter

Auora over Calgary by Robert Berdan ©

Aurora north of Calgary on January 25, this and other photographs by RB were featured in the Calgary Herald and associate news papers and brought more then a 1000 visitors to the web site on January 26th.

Dear Friends: January in Alberta included one week with temperatures dipping to -30 C, and the appearance of the aurora on January 25 and there is a good chance of seeing more aurora in the next few months. I have created a new weather page that provides links to Aurora alerts, weather, clear skies, moon phases that anyone interested in following and\or photographing the Aurora can use. I have also added a link to where you can watch the Aurora live on the internet in the evenings no matter where you are, the picture updates every 5 seconds and is being used for research by the University of Calgary.

Below are the new articles posted this month from four photographers from as far away as Australia. Before Christmas I had inquiries into what to look for when buying a tripod so I wrote an overview of tripods, monopods and the various head types that are available. If you are thinking about buying a tripod you might want to read my article first.

What's Hot and New Click on the photos or links to read the latest photography articles


Bella Coola - Valley of the Grizzlies By Dr. Robert Berdan. Bella Coola is a remote coastal town on the West Coat of British Columbia that is accessible by small plane, boat or by a single steep narrow mountain road called the Heckman pass also nicknamed "The Hill". Read more and view photographs...

Wicked Witch of the West” ~ White Mountains, CA by Floris van Breugel ©  

Inspiring Curiosity by Floris van Breugel My primary goal in photography is to create unique images that tickle the imagination and curiosity of my viewers, imploring them to explore the image further and, hopefully, inspire them to get out on their own to explore, understand, and appreciate nature and the scientific processes that govern it. Read more..


Aurora Borealis January 25 Calgary, 2012 by Dr. Robert Berdan On January 24, I received several Aurora alerts that there was an explosion on the sun releasing a solar flare from near sunspot 1402 and there was a good chance of seeing the aurora next day. For aurora hunters and photographers this was exciting news. Read more ...

Jeremy Jackson photo of  Chilliwack lake ©  

Breaking Trails in the North Cascades By Dr. Jeremy Jackson When we think of great Canadian landscapes, one of the first places that comes to mind is the Rocky Mountains. Every year thousands of tourists and photographers travel long distances to marvel at their great beauty. Read more..

Peter Dettling and tripod in front of Spirit Island by Robert Berdan ©  

An Overview of the Best Tripods and Heads for Nature Photographers by Dr. Robert Berdan. Choosing a tripod and tripod head is a bit like choosing a spouse - you need to take your time, do your research and if possible try them out before you commit to one. Read more....


iPhoneography for Natural Subjects by Gudrun Schulze Ebbinghoff When I plan to photograph, I dutifully lug many pounds of camera equipment, especially if my intended subject is a wild animal (you know how heavy big glass can be).  So I'm happy to put it all down from time to time.  This is Mr. Murphy's cue to action. Read more and view photographs.

Karijini National Park Western Australia by Johann A Melvill ©  

Karijini National Park Western Australia by Johann A Melvill I enjoy taking the car, hitching the camper trailer and heading off into the bush for a few days. Add to this a digital camera and the weekend usually ends up a success. A six week tour my wife and undertook in 2011 resulted in us travelling some 12,000 km through Western Australia (WA). Read more....


Namibia by Bruce Turnbull, Penticton, BC bturnbul@telus.net

Jim Cumming, Kanata, Ontario JimDarby8@yahoo.ca

This month there were two outstanding images that were submitted so I have declared them a tie and both photographers will have access to the online Photoshop course of their choice. If you submitted images, please try again there is no limit to the number of times you can enter. Jim Cumming's photos of deer can also be seen in the featured photography section.

Check out Bragg About the Creek Magazine Winter/Spring 2012 Issue that just came out and is available free in Calgary and Bragg Creek - or you can visit their web site.


The magazine
Includes photographs by a variety of local nature and wildlife photographers including some of my images. See their web site about their amateur photography competition and $700 Prize Pool.

Upcoming Photography Workshops

I offer Photoshop and photography training privately on an ongoing basis throughout the year and I also offer Saturday Photoshop workshops once a month. Dates for upcoming Workshops are as follows:

  1. Note my Online Photoshop workshops are now half price only $49 each.

  2. Photoshop I  Workshop - $249 (max of 5\class) Saturday Feb 11, Mar 31, April 28. - still 2 spots for Saturdary Feb 11.

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  4. September 5-11, Join me on an Arctic Adventure Tour and Photography Workshop which includes 2 days in Yellowknife and 5 days 250 Km north on the Tundra at Peterson's Point Lake Lodge where we will photograph the Aurora, Caribou, colorful tundra and various other arctic species. See workshop section of my web site for details. $4995.00.

All Saturday Photoshop workshops in my studio include: lunch, notes, DVD with tutorial files and Quicktime movies showing you step-by-step how to process the images in the tutorials so you can review them at your own pace.

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Alberta Tourism created a short movie to highlight the beauty of Alberta - I have added a link on the home page to this beautifully done advertisement. If you are thinking about coming to Alberta I recommend viewing this short video to see what Alberta has to offer or you can click here: NEW - Watch this HD Video

Visitation to the Canadian Nature Photography is up more than 20% this month with more than 7,000 visitors stopping by to read an article or view some pictures. If you enjoy the articles please tell your friends that might be interested in nature photography.

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