Canadian Nature Photographer December 4, 2012 Newsletter

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Dear Friends and fellow nature photographers - First I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year adn to help you celebrate I am giving you access to my online Photoshop I course for FREE - access from here: - type in the Password: vort257 and you will be taken into the course.


You can download the notes as PDF format, all tutorial files in zip format and then follow along with the videos and step by step instructions in the notes. The course was developed for Photoshop CS4, but except for one tutorial (extract filter) all of the other tutorials work Photoshop CS5 and CS6. Hope you enjoy.


The following new articles were posted in November: see the New Photography book by Mark Schacter called "Sweet Seas". Marck share his images of the great lakes and he also wrote an article last year for the Canadian Nature photographer called "Bring on the Clouds". His new book would make an excellent Christmas or New Year's gift and you can buy it at now for $25.04 - view his article and some sample pictures below.


In addition, I wrote a short article on using a variety of digital filters to enhance your photos and Bruce Turnbull, contributed his second article on Big Horns in Action. Finally, John Laprairie shares some intimate pictures he took of doors on the Island of Pros and Rhodes. Please Click on the links or images below to view these new articles.



What's Hot and New Click on the photos or links to read the latest photography articles

Sweet Seas Portraits of the Great Lakes a new book by Mark Schacter ©

Sweet Seas. Portraits of the Great Lakes A new book of photographs by Mark Schacter. Imagine standing alone on a moonlit night on the deck of a 730-foot lake freighter somewhere on northern Lake Huron, taking photographs. This was the most memorable of many memorable experiences during six months of gathering material for my book of photographs Sweet Seas. Portraits of the Great Lakes, just published in Canada by Fifth House. (Sweet Seas will be released in the US and worldwide in early 2013.) See sneak preview.

Digital Photography Filters and Plugins for Adobe Photoshop by Dr. Robert Berdan. In the past photographers often used filters to modify their photographs. Black and white photographers would add yellow, red or green filters to modify certain tones in their photographs. Today photographers can apply digital filter effects and simulate a wide variety of artistic elements. Read more about digital filters.

Big Horn Sheep by Bruce Turnbull ©

Big Horns in Action by Bruce Turnbull. As summer ends and we head into fall, one of my favourite times of the year fast approaches. Rutting season. Late October and into November tends to be a very active period for the California Big Horn Sheep which reside here in the South Okanagan Valley. While the sheep are preoccupied with the rut they let their guard down a bit and this lets the photographer in close for some great action and some great shots.

Red Door by John Laprairie ©

The Doors on the Islands of Paros and Rhodes, Greece by John Laprairie. I have travelled to many beautiful places in Europe and have played the tourist and also the photographer. Unlike the tourist, I find myself drawn to the things most people would never look at, nor consider taking a photo of. My wife and I like to travel light. Read article and view photos here.




Monte Comeau - swan buff



Getting a new camera for Christmas - you may want to join me on my January Winter workshop or sign up for private lessons on how to get the most from your new DSLR camera.

Winter Photography Workshop - All Level of photographers welcome. $249 + GST
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I hope you get some great shots over the holidays and I am hoping to have some time to share with you some new 3D spherical images I am working on for the January 1 Newsletter.


If you have some great shots and would like to contribute a short featured photography article please contact me.


Best wishes to all

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