March Canadian Nature Photographer Newsletter

Canadian Nature Photographer March 4, 2013 Newsletter

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Dear Friends - Five new articles were posted in February, including one by well known author and astro-photographer Alan Dyer. Alan is also offering an astrophotography workshop on April 27, 2013 in Didsbury at All Star telescope. Click here to learn more about the workshop and to register.

Peter McNeil also sent in an article and pictures about South Central Ontario and he takes an artistic approach to his nature photography.


I posted three new articles, one on snowy owls - Park II that includes photographs by Kamal Varma. I also included an article on spherical imaging on how to create these type of interactive panoramas. Finally, I had a request for West Coast photographs for potential sale and thought why not share some of these images, many of which were taken over 10 years ago.



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Florencia beach West Coast of Vancouver Island by Robert Berdan ©

West Coast of Vancouver Island and its Beautiful Beaches by Dr. Robert Berdan. One of the most beautiful places in Canada for nature photographers is the West Coast of Vancouver Island. In the past decade I visited the islands on six different occassions exploring and photographing as much of the island as I could. I even visited the remote Nootka trail - read article and view pictures.

Image by Peter McNeil ©

Images from South Central Ontario by Peter McNeil Oh my, your photograph looks just like a painting! Has anyone ever said this about  your photos? If they did it’s meant as a compliment, but what exactly does it imply? What relationship exists (beyond the obvious) between paintings and photographs and what can photographers learn from a skilled painter? Read article and view pictures.

Circumpolar star trails by Alan Dyer ©

Shooting Stars - Part I & II by Alan Dyer. Nature doesn’t turn in at nightfall. Familiar landscapes take on a new look when illuminated by moonlight and stars. Here are my tips and techniques for shooting nature by night. Today’s digital cameras make it easier than ever to capture both Earth and sky in the same image - read article and view pictures.

Spherical Panoramic Photography - The Basics by Dr. Robert Berdan. Spherical panorama photo--graphy involves stitching a series of images together to create an entire 360 sphere that with the right software can be converted into an interactive movie using QuickTime VR, Flash, or HTML 5 with Javascript, Read more and view movies & pictures.

Snowy Owl in flight by Kamal Varma ©

White Ghosts of the Prairies - Photographing Snowy Owls Part II and Mossleigh, Alberta by Dr. Robert Berdan & Kamal Varma. February 2, 2013, Groundhog Day, fellow photographer Kamal Varma and myself left my place 7:00am in the dark ... looking for elusive ghosts of the prairies - snowy owls. Read more and view pictures.







This months winning photograph is of an eagle that just caught a fish by Don Whittaker. If you have a great photo and would like to see it presented on our home page please email it in - there is no limit to how many times you can enter. If you have lots of great shots consider being a featured photographer instead.


Winners get either free access to Photoshop II online course or a copy of my Macrophotography e-book. I look forward to getting more images submitted in February. Winners should contact me and indicate their preference.



PHOTOGRAPHY CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT is being offered by SAIT, July 8 to August 9, 2013, I will be teaching the sections on Scenic and Wildlife photography and Sports photography. If you might be interested in this program please contact SAIT or visit their web site for more information. To register call (403) 284-7248.


ARCTIC ADVENTURE WORKSHOP - If you are looking for an Arctic Adventure photographing Caribou and the Northern Lights I will be leading another photography workshop in Yellowknife and to Peterson's Point Lake Lodge on the tundra between Sept 5-11, 2013. Cost $5195.00 for 6 days. See my web site for articles and photographs from previous workshops. To register for the workshop visit:




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