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Canadian Nature Photographer Newsletter 7

April 1, 2011

Dear Friends and Fellow Nature Photographers:

We are beginning to see the first signs of Spring in Calgary with American Robins, Tundra swans, Bald eagles and other birds migrating through the area. Normally by the end of March we begin to see Prairie crocus flowers on the hill sides of the Bow River, but so far none have appeared. In this newsletter I would like to bring your attention to 5 new articles that have been posted in March and also March's Photo contest winner Stephen Stephen who also submitted an article in February on Nature Photography in Ottawa.

Click on the pictures or links to be taken directly to the specific articles.

1) The First article is on Hoar Frost Photography by R. Berdan and shows the beauty of ice crystals that form on branches and fences. Hoar frost in Calgary often forms in the morning after an evening of fog in Spring and Fall. Learn more about hoar frost and how to photograph this natural wonder.

2) Meet the Manatee Whisperer - Dr Wayne Lynch as he shares his close encounters with Florida's Manatees and provides tips on underwater photography. Photographing manatees is a relatively easy affair. All you need is a wet suit, a snorkel and mask, and some kind of protective housing for your camera. This is Dr. Lynch's second article for the Canadian Nature Photographer. Read more on how to photograph Manatees. 

3) My Backyard - The Peace River Region by Egan Wuth. Egan is a part time hunting guide for Petersons Point Lake Lodge where he hooked up with Robert Berdan during a tundra photography workshop. Egan shares some of his favorite nature pictures from near his home in Fort St. John, British Columbia. . Egan was also last month's Photo contest winner.

4) Multi-exposure twirl photography creates abstract kaleidoscopic images and if you use a Nikon camera they are easy to create. Any camera can be used and you can photograph just about any subject. To learn how to use multiple exposure with a Nikon camera read Robert Berdan's step by step instructions.

5. Black and White Abstract Photographs by Robert Berdan. If you ever head out for a day of shooting and the sunrise or the weather does not cooperate this can sometimes be a good thing - it could make you see things you might not have noticed before. If you like abstracts you can also emphasize shape and form by converting your pictures to black and white.

March Photo Contest winner

Goldeneyes in flight by Stephen J. Stephen is this months Photo Contest Winner. Also see his article in the featured photography section.

Upcoming workshops include Photoshop I on April, 30th, and May 28th. An advanced Photoshop II workshop is being offered on May 14. On Saturday and Sunday June 4, I am offering a weekend Waterfall\Rainforest photography workshop in Revelstoke and on June 9, 11, 16 I offer my yearly and popular Wildflower Photography workshop in the Rockies. To register for a workshop click here. Space is limited so book early.

Just a reminder all photographers are welcome to submit short articles with photographs in the featured photographer section of the web site and don't forget about our monthly photo contest where winners get free access to one of the online Photoshop courses. If there is a photography topic you would like to see covered send me an email and I will see what I can do. Some topics that will be covered in the future inlcude: large format 4 x 5 photography, pin-hole photography, 3D spherical virtual reality movies, astrophotography, and photographing shore birds.

Until next month

Robert Berdan
Calgary, AB
403 247-2457

Please Visit me at: www.canadiannaturephotographer.com

Visitor update: 3,379 new visitors came to the web site in March.